Human Pantocrator


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Track list :

1-I will overcome
2-Euphoria's End
3-The Builder/The Destroyer
4-In the attic
5-Cosmogenic Pandemonium
6-Kurzweil's Dream
8-Tree of creation
10-Imperfect god
11-Among us

ENTROPIA INVICTUS is a french black-death-symphonic metal band. Since 2006 the band develops its music within 2 albums and 2 mini-EP, pushing forward metal extreme with symphonic part. For its new album called « Human Pantocrator », ENTROPIA INVICTUS calls on professionnals like Tower Studio (Devin Townsend, Septic Flesh…) for mastering, and Above Chaos (Melechesh, Tsjuder, Inquisition, Loudblast…) for artwork. With this album distributed in France and all across the world, ENTROPIA INVICTUS is ready to conquer new horizon.


released February 24, 2017

M & O Music (Label + Promotion)
Phone : +33/(0)663378449


all rights reserved


Track Name: I will overcome
You try to pull me under
But my head is still out of water
You try to make me feel guilty
But this person is not me

chorus : I know who I am
I have already overcame
You try to put me down
But I will overcome

I burn, I fly, I rise
From the ashes of this life
Deeper it hurts stronger I become
So I will overcome

I burn, I fly, I rise
Like a phenix I survive
You're not such fearsome
And I will overcome

Cold is your embrace
Violent is your caress
In your mouth only lies
Your words are only bites


Brutal snake of fear curled up inside your womb
It makes you weak, it never makes you strong
It's gnawing you and your self-esteem
So you become vicious and mean

You hate yourself as you hate everyone
I know I will overcome but what about you ? You won't.
Track Name: Euphoria's end
Wake up, I open my eyes in the shadow of grey
Wake up, This day looks like all the other days

Euphoria's end
Who can pretend to feel emotion, to be still a human ?

Walking down the street of indifference and nonsense
Searching , Does something remain to make me feel intense ?

Euphoria's end
Who can pretend to feel emotion, to be still a human ?

All is so quiet, all is under control
I eat a food without taste
I ear a music without beauty
I see an art without suffering
I feel a breath without passion

All these things which past away
I used to be happy and sad
the music tooks my breath away
I used to be human one day

but when dancing and screaming is unthinkable and forbidden
please take my hand and dance, dance, dance …

All these things past away
my tears are washed away
by a rain of grey

I'm flayed alive
Am I stil alive ?
My feelings are archive

Like a statue of clay
emotion past away
Euphoria's end today
Track Name: The Builder / The Destroyer
Beneath the changing skies
Civilisations are use to fall and rise
Little creatures with brain inside
came together and then collide

Builder and Destroyer

Antinomic phenomenon, human oxymoron
Destroy in order to build or build to destroy ?
Builder of life and art, his architecture touching the sky
Destroyer of skull and bones burns empire to the ground
Absurd and magnificent dead's monument is building
greater than houses of the living

Builder and Destroyer

Process of collapse is engage
Gap is getting bigger between top and base
A mind to create , a will to destroy
When zenith has been reached, begins the fall

Build and destroy and build and repeat the circle

Builder and Destroyer
Track Name: In the attic
Over cracks my house front is lovely
Enter, enter joyfully
Pay no attention to the mess inside
You know, I've got nothing to hide

What ? You have heard a sound ?
But we are all alone
No one else in home

Yes ! Upstairs there's a sound
Such an awful tone
like disturbing groan

Don't go in the attic
You will not like what you will find in it ( x 2 )

Impulses are hanged from frame
Like a rop waiting for your neck
Clawed fingers will grab you with a sole aim
Drag you in the darkest wreck

This place is violent like out-of tune violin, chaotic
This place is a torment tormoil, chaotic

Don't go in the attic
You will not like what you will find in it ( x 2 )

Don't go in the attic
You will not like what you will find in it
Don't go up there but if you want I can show you the cave ...
Track Name: Cosmogenic Pandemonium
Above us the sky, this awful night
Fear comes from black space between stars
We populate void to fill this emptiness
We name constellation to avoid distress

Where are we from ?
Origin unknown
Cosmogenic Pandemonium

Nyctophobia world's creation
Interstellar demon
Cosmogenic Pandemonium

Isis, Osiris, Ishtar, Mardouk
Cronos, Gaïa, Shiva, Vishnou
Allah, Yahvé
Deus ex nihilo
Birth of inferno

Creature's haunting heart of mankind
Interstellar demon
Cosmogenic Pandemonium

Great force above us, within us
Origin unknown
Cosmogenic Pandemonium

When the great wheel of fire finish its course, obscurity arrives on us like a shadow horse.
The gnosis of world creation give meaning to our imagination,
Origin unknown : Cosmogenic Pandemonium
Believer of our own faerytales of abomination,
Interstellar demon : Cosmogenic Pandemonium
Track Name: Singularity
Download my mind
In a synthetic shell
I am new kind
Beyond heaven or hell
Transcending my body limit
I become immortal spirit

I fulfill kurzweil's dream
I'm much more than a human being
there will be no more degeneration
I'm next step of evolution

Bow down to my power
I'm the new man, manufactured

Almighty technology
Bring immortality

Faster, Stronger, Smarter, New hope bringer
Younger, Greater, the death's slayer

I'm immortal, but what is the price
My artifical heart feel no desire

Almighty technology
Post Humanity

Bow down to my power
I'm the new man, manufactured
Track Name: Tree of creation
Just one more night
Just one more score
Euterpean, come sit by my side one more
Bring me inspiration

This symphony of suffering
Becomes beautiful with your violin
Strings of emotion

From darkest ground
Rises tree of life and creation
Roots dive deeper / Branches go higher
The gloom allows the bloom

Like Pygmalion I carve in my ivory mind the thought of my art
Galatea born from my dream chisel
Artwork comes to life

Create is breathing create is to exist
But like the tree, to reach the light I have to dive in darkness
Primordial Ocean of universal consciousness
Orchestrates the stream of my reflexion
Allows me to reach the sun.

My mind canvas is colored by life
Shaded by mourning and bad feelings
picture of shadow and light

I throw the paint
I draw my pain
Transmutation of misery into beauty
Creation's alchemie

From the darkest ground
Rises tree of creation
Gloom and Bloom
Like flowers and a tomb
Track Name: Reflection
A mirror on the wall
take a look at yourself
at myself ?
Razor blade with blood stain
as blue as the sun
they say « what have you done ? »

Colored spatter on white sink
what do you think ?
What do I think ?
Have I shaved myself to close ? Or not ...
Fear not ! Oh no !

chorus :
I hear voices
they are calling me
I hear voices
they say « you're not me »

My name is confusion, my name is frustration
My name is legion
my name is beautiful like suffering
My name is « out of control »
My name is rage
My name is « I'll never fall into your sanity cage »


Do you mind if I cut ? I don't want to hurt
I just want to see you bleed
I just want to see if you're real
If I'm real
This trembling hand is it mine ?
Bird peck thought in my mind
– Have you lost what you find ?
– Thanks, I'm fine

Track Name: Imperfect god
We're standind here
Like masters of all
Kings on the wall

We think earth needs us
We must be fair
Just be aware : the earth doesn't care

So much pollution
Species extinction
It goes on and on

Life doesn't need help
To find a way
And it's doesn't care of our decay

Ruler of world
All mighty mankind is but
An imperfect god

Life form we're but
So imperfect gods

We're standing here
Top of food chain
So proud of our brain

Our imperfect senses
Keep us in dream
Illusion of fake realm

We write our verse
in universe
but be aware : space doesn't care

Our sun is small
it's not the brightest of all
Open your eyes and behold !

Among the stars
See how small we really are

In front of immensity
Paltry is our human tragedy
Track Name: Among us
I was god on his throne
I was king of his realm
A human being

Don't care of the rest behind
The others by the wayside
I was fast-moving

I used to be
A part of this
A god like you
Like you a beast

Like Lucifer, the Fallen
I was thrown out of heaven
I have lost my wings
And also life meaning

My life has changed forever

I'm searching, I'm searching
In eyes of others my mankind belonging

I don't want your pity
I can feel your digust
Your mockery is my routine I'm stranger among us

Bannished as Satan
I'm not such different
Humiliate is your judgement and anger is my answer

I wear my infirmity as a sign
rejected to the other side
any shiver down my spine
only the rage inside

I used to be
A part of this
A god like you
Like you a beast

I move away from suffering in being somewhere else
I see the world and its beauty, I stare at it intensively
My mind is like the sea : on the surface waves are raging on
But calm rules in the depth

The beauty brings me back to this quiet place
Where there is no hate, no fear, no pain
I look at you and I want to live with you
Among you, among them, among us

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